The Barnabas Award: Recognizing Character That Makes a Difference

Barnabas Award recipients are athletes who encourage others to strive for their best performance athletically and personally. Each participating team selects a player to receive this coveted annual award. The recipient is recognized with a certificate and gift from the Sawyer family. The Tara Sawyer Foundation family finds great joy in recognizing young athletes who share the same honorable and charitable characteristics that Tara Sawyer demonstrated.

In the book of Acts, scripture describes a man by the name of Joseph. He gave up his worldly possessions and generously bestowed the profits from the sale to the apostles. Because of his selfless and generous spirit his friends renamed him “Barnabas” which means “son of encouragement.” The Barnabas Award was created in this spirit of encouragement.

Meet a Couple of Our Past Recipients

Joshua Brudi
"I was really surprised it was me. I was very humbled and honored to have received the award. It meant a lot to me."

—Joshua Brudi
Jacob Wall
"I was surprised to be chosen. It made me both excited and proud that my coach would pick me for the Barnabas Award. It reminded me how important it is to be encouraging to others and to be a good teammate. The award has been a reminder to me to be encouraging and to be the kind of person I would like others to be."

— Jacob Wall